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Yemeksepeti app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 624 ratings )
Lifestyle Food & Drink
Developer: Valensas
Current version: 5.0.9, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 24 May 2010
App size: 93.78 Mb

Yemeksepeti is the first and the strongest online food ordering app in Turkey, with more than 10 thousand restaurant in 66 cities! Download the app to order easily from your favorite restaurants including Domino’s Pizza, Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Little Caesars and Pizza Hut.

Ordering food with Yemeksepeti is easy! Select your district, select the restaurant, add your dishes of choice into the basket, select your payment type and order. You can also order at a good price using the unrivalled promotion and discount variety. If you wish, you can pay at the door cash or with credit card or easily order online with our Online Credit Card option. Your food will be delivered to your door in an average of 30 to 45 minutes!

• Add your preferred restaurants to your Favorites list
• Live Support is here for you 24/7 for your questions about your orders
• Easily repeat Previous Orders
• Select the restaurant you want easily with our advanced filtering system
• Variety of payment options, including Cash or Credit Card (at the door) or online
• Selecting delivery time for now or at a date/time of your choice
• Rate/Comment on your order and review restaurants based on ratings & comments
• Display all the menus and food with updated prices
• Coca-Cola Selected Menus, bringing you the most beloved foods with good discounts
• Vodafone Menus, with special promotions for Vodafone customers

Stop thinking what to eat, just come to Yemeksepeti! Kebab, lahmacun, wraps, pizza, hamburger, sandwich, fried chicken, doner, kofta, cig kofta, mussels, sushi, noodle, salads & pasta are just a bunch of limitless food varieties on Yemeksepeti that you may wish to order. Turkey’s most favorite restaurants including Domino’s Pizza, Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Little Caesars and Pizza Hut are also on Yemeksepeti. If you are after new tastes, forget about searching for recipes. Yemeksepeti’s cuisine variety also covers Turkish, Italian, World Cuisine, Chinese, Japanese, Seafood, Burgers, Fast-Food, Cakes & Desserts and many more, to address your preferences. Nevertheless, you can also access Yemeksepeti on and order to your home, your office, your campus and basically to wherever you are. If you have questions about your orders, you can get help using the Live Support on the app and the website.

Yemeksepeti On The News:

“Yemeksepeti is Turkeys first and biggest online food ordering site enabling users to order food from their favorite restaurant through the internet.” (

“Yemeksepeti, which has been around for 15 years and is profitable, is processing more than 3 million orders each month, growing at 60 percent each year.” (, 04.05.2015)

“Yemeksepeti, meaning "food cart" in Turkish, is Turkeys first and largest online food delivery site, similar to platforms like Postmates or Grubhub.” (Business Insider, 29.07.2015)

Yemeksepeti On Social Media:

@hamushan 08.01.2016
“my home office working routine in the last two weeks helped Yemeksepeti the most. The next step is ordering my tea.”

@FikriTurkel 08.01.2016
“Yemeksepeti’s best selling food in 2015 has been Lahmacun with a quantity of 5 million 988 thousand.”

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Pros and cons of Yemeksepeti app for iPhone and iPad

Yemeksepeti app good for

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A good app as food delivery apps go, set apart by good support
Great and the most useful ordering app but still can be better.
Very easy to use and delivery is usually correct upon arrival.
Id advice everyone in turkey to use this app specially if ur a lazy guy like me
I use this app regularly. Sometimes you want to compare prices/menu items from different restaurants. The app should ask the user if they want to empty the cart only when they decide to add items to the cart from another restaurant menu, rather than asking to remove items when they click to just browse to compare another restaurant menu. Also Id suggest the default order or restaurants to be by order or rating rather than alphabetical. Thanks!

Some bad moments

Buggy. Doesnt start most of the times, but if it does ordering is almost impossible. I dont understand why there isnt a good app. 90% of the time people would use their phone to order, I guess.
Very bad service some orders take up to 4 houser !!!! Yes 4 h Very very bad service!!!!
since the last update personal data, address, favorites & ordering history were deleted. Thanks for that !
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Why did you add Prod behind the app name? Prod is ok but it makes app name like this Yemeksep... in springboard. Could you delete this extension?
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